I am David a candidate for Memphis City Council District 9

David Winston has lived in Memphis for 19 years. As an award-winning teen artist, he saw his greatest commercial success in the 1990’s. David is a communications specialist with demonstrated repeat success in developing successful teams and organizations.

He is a graduate of the University of Memphis and is a 2015 Delta Leadership Institute Fellow. David has worked in media for companies such as Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Turnstile Entertainment and Bellrock Entertainment in Los Angeles and Memphis.

David speaks your story by developing a strategy and message. With his effusive concentration and experience working with people, he has conducted several workshops as a regional acting instructor. As Managing Partner in Film Capital Strategies, David is a leader helping an underserved community gain a foothold on economic equality improving their legacy through visual media by making them more engageable and great.

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Who Is David Winston?

  • David is a candidate for Memphis City Council for District 9, Position 2.
  • David is a visionary leader for the citizens of District 9.
  • David is committed to providing quality and effective leadership services, programs and policies that improve the quality of life for all citizens in District 9 (education, crime, jobs and safety).
  • David is a man of integrity and trustworthiness who is asking for your vote and support, so we can build a better community in District 9 for our families.
  • David is a leader who can work effectively with elected officials, parents, young people, and community leaders in keeping our young people out of Juvenile Court Systems and in school.



Despite some beliefs that Memphis has recovered from the Great Recession economically, socially, culturally and educationally, if you take a critical assessment of our community in District 9, you will be able to determine that we still have many challenges and unsolved problems. That’s because many of the jobs created in Memphis are low-paying part-time jobs that lack employee benefits. Too many of our citizens in District 9, are underrepresented and working multiple jobs to make ends meet to sustain their families. The City of Memphis can do much better for its citizens.

Super District 9 is made up of Districts 1, 2, and 5, and a small section of Districts 3 and 4.

I am asking for your support and votes in a new era of innovation, ingenuity, integrity and engagement in city government. I believe together we can solve the challenges that District 9 faces in the areas of education, economic development, poverty, crime, and healthcare. Together, we can collectively achieve our goals, objectives for hope and growth to ignite the power to an escalating environment for our communities and generations to come.

I am excited about the opportunity to serve as a representative for District 9, Position 2 engaging our citizens in the process of providing effective community services and leadership. People who are connected making positive and effective contributions to their local communities generate positive impact. I want to help our citizens think about what it means to be engaged with citizens from all backgrounds and cultures in creating a community of successful leaders and citizens.

I am a candidate for Memphis City Council to share my vast life experiences with city government and work with citizens to cultivate a community of success, leadership and engagement.

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